Inter-development: process and exchange
pdf0. overview1. A sleeping cabin1.A sleeping cabin, inside view
2. Tools for resisting the magnetic field, extra tool: customised buckwheat pillow for sleeping cabinNina Glockner
3. LA CASETTA Di DOKiNSHANDafna Nur4. A platform for a swing5. Repairing earthquake project 2012, object #82Nishiko6. Tools for resisting the magnetic field, tool II: buckwheatpeelspillowrollNina Glockner7. Mobility and flexibilityNishiko8. A fire extinguisherSachi Miyachi9. Tofu box10. A slice of mountainEsther de Graaf11. A long dinner tablePhoto dinner on 13 January 201312. A place for ‘Spring festivals’More photos13. An attempt to map Sachi Miyachi’s BrainAnnemiek-Stéphane Cornelissen-Douady14. Mapping a Construction of Sachi Miyachi’sAnnemiek-Stéphane Cornelissen-Douadypdf15. Through the veins of our thoughtsAnk Daamen16. A painting of orangesUnknown17. Sharing a day and a half with breathingEiko Ishizawa18. StairsSachi Miyachi19. Tools for resisting the magnetic field, tool I: cheeryseedshandsheltermachineNina GlocknerMore photos20. KitchenMore photos21. Milk madeAnk Daamen22. Cherry stone spitting contest
Photo Cherry stone spitting contest 13 January 2013
23. A place: traces of ‘Spring festivals’Festivals24. Internal WorldAnnemiek-Stéphane Cornelissen-DouadyMore photos